Wind bursting into shouts, robbing reveries and foolish wanderings
Cold crawling underneath our skin, aching along with some stubborn grieves
Night running from a darker black and void
Noise agonizing in its trial to reproduce a part of our world
Steps leaving traces on a transient time, trespassing in a zone of self-induced lies
Faces wearing out all the stories reiterated in tireless minds
Fears playing in the shadows, breathing the same air with us
Cowardice laughing on the past, ranging us in a race to an empty and shallow place
Winding paths and intricate thoughts, setting games in which we start to dance
Spells hatching to deceive our souls and intoxicate them with vain hopes
Carousels mimicking our ups and downs, adding colors and some bumps
People spinning in a ride, wishing it to be a magic whirl to a promised land…
I walk in the city at night, losing myself in this blend of dark with lights we use to call life.

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  1. Beautiful indeed!


  2. Where, I wonder will your destiny lie and where will this path offer you even when you reach the end?


  3. Artful imagery. Thanks visit my blog.


  4. This is so good. Never ever give up writing. And remember … when you are flying mind-kites … don’t let go of the line.
    I particularly liked … Fears playing in the shadows, breathing the same air with us … very noir!
    All the very best to you and yours

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  5. Hello! I really love your blog, and your creative way of looking at things. So I nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award! For more details, please visit https://victoriaiskak.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/creative-blogger-award/ Congratulations! 😀 (p.s. I know that you might not need awards like this, but I really thought you’d deserve it)


  6. Great reflections. As Bill Hicks used to say about human existence. “It’s just a ride.”

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  7. Love your view on the city.



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