April 3, 2015



Beams of light lingering inside my eyes
Flinging memories on a closed heart
Stirring up the blind beliefs implanted in my being
Emptying the page I was still tearing
Pushing the truth out of its shelter to be reconsidered.

Invisible drawings on my palms, carving statements for a future time
Tickling fragile dreams, grasping them in disbelief
Promises used for the quick gains, decomposing and rotting in falseness
Mysteries being left behind with so many missing pieces
Games calling loss upon all the players to change their misguided intentions.

Abandonment bringing the dark as a permanent sight
Flinging mud at the ruler of my mind
Running towards a dying tale, ending its illusionary trail
Locking time in the present second, ceasing its fidgety waltz
Tricking the sun to vow it will never vanish and leave another void.

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  1. beautifully written and so deep

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  2. Left me speechless! Such mesmerizing lines you have written. Thank you so much for the follow 🙂


  3. A very beautiful, and richly layered poem – so much meaning packed in. ‘tickling fragile dreams’…i love that! I want my dreams to laugh 🙂 H xxx

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  4. You put words together well. Have you considered juxtaposing narrative details…what you have now are many strong lines, generalized upon a theme…it might do to tighten it and may empower it more to reveal the source of the emotion via narrative detail or hints…


  5. Thank you for following! I consider it a privilege to have encountered someone as passionate and effortlessly talented as you. Keep writing, your words are incredibly powerful.


  6. A lovely and beautiful piece.


  7. Yeah. Nothing like a good poetic cascade to get the mojo flow under way. Reminds me I need to put pen to paper. Just me a notebook a pen and a tree. The computer needs to take a hike for a while. There are caverns which need to be explored on hands and knees with bare hands! Many thanks for the inspiration!

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  8. It is both amazing and surprising where a moment of contemplation will deliver you and, the power to express that moment, to share, is inspiring. Good read! Thanks for following my writing/posts.



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