December 29, 2015

Night walk


Bells ringing in the night as my steps hide in the shadow of a past
Snow crunching in disbelief as my thoughts carve wishes in the wind
Water freezing in its fall as my mind sends the winter to surround it all
Night whispering at the corner of a street as my universe becomes mute
Drops rolling of a frame as my time dissipates minutes away
Locks turning their keys inside as my blues knock at the door of a sleeping heart
Sins rolling in the Christmas globes as my liveliness takes the branches for a dance
The reflections of a primitive game invoking freedoms in an unknown way as my voice utters a spell
Street lights betraying the hidden roads as my childish self seeks an escape in the old
Silence spinning in a dream as my breath stops for a while to let them in
A tale ending its journey as my blizzard tangles the strings of an intrigue
Solitude leading the way in the dark as my violin ceases its chant
Waves covering me, leaving no air as I step in a world I shouldn’t taste.

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  1. Wow! Best ever! Maybe a world you shouldn’t have tasted, but thanks very much for sharing it’s piquant afterglow.

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  2. Perfect imagery for this lovely poem. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Wow the imagery is amazing!! I felt like I was there. Absolutely amazing work!



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