February 8, 2016



I looked at the sky tonight
I saw the clouds covered in dark, winking, dancing through the night
I saw reflections of the smiles I wore today and the steps that carried me through the day
I saw music and some feathers from the naughty angels
I saw time playing its tricks, turning the moon into a black queen
I saw ravens chasing dangerous creatures away, leaving silence and solitude ruling the game
I saw something I could not define, I saw the unfound

I touched the sun in the morning, felt its calmness filling me with wonder
I touched the pale blue and felt the ocean breeze right through
I touched my lips and felt only hunger for freedom and its bliss
I touched the windows and the cold glass to remember I have yet to learn the flight
I touched the wind and the whispers, the joy of simple living
I touched the ground to receive the blessings of a journey through reality
I touched the depth and the warmth of a playing soul, I touched its unfound

I heard resistance struggling in vein
I heard the mind and its waves
I heard the pulse agonizing, pushing barriers
I heard disappointments crumbling and waiting hours muting their rage
I heard hopes spreading their wings and dreams screaming for their right to be
I heard the self in its glory, finding, embracing its truth
I heard the unfound in me, all the colors I’ve been and will be.

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  1. This is a beautiful poem, gave me goose bumps xx

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  2. Beautiful .. I felt I was listening to your words whilst looking at your beautiful capture 🙂

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  3. Ooh! I love this, every line is a gem!

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  4. Meaningful & lovely expressions.

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  5. awesome i love this piece

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  6. I loved it, its melody, the feeling

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  7. Very thought-provoking…

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  8. I could see the images of the words that you wrote in my min’s eye. The photograph is stunning. Blessings, Lydia

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  9. Nice words flow, love the way its get into the mind like the real poem should be. 🙂

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  10. You improve with every step. I’m not a poet, but I take pictures, write songs and play with words in other ways, so I do appreciate how you take your thoughts and weave them on your blackboard. True writers know how to open veins and bleed onto paper.

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