April 4, 2016



Time rushing like a heart pumping out of chest
Seconds crumbling, falling in the ocean of regret
Promises to self never carried out, left on lonely streets, in dark
Rain filling the cup, washing the scent of the past
Searches, walks, wanderings, confusions and the steps that never stop
Strings taking me back to it all, bringing life to what is gone…

And I turn to it all, I imagine time spinning backwards, then I fall
And I tear those strings that pull back my thoughts and hopes
And I cut the colors that keep painting a world that is no longer in store
And I pour snow on everything around and sit in cold
And I walk hand in hand with that maybe that is the worst of all
And I wait, starring at the clouds, wondering who am I, how I was, and what should I allow to come
And then I run and close all the doors and pull the curtains off
But the dark, the silence cannot make it disappear, what I’ve wished for keeps following me.
So I let the waves carry me back to the world that never got to be or sometimes, further away from its fantasies
Until one day I swim to the shore of a new reality.

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  1. Beautiful as usual

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  2. Wow, this has a really energy about it. I can see this as a song.

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  3. This is quite something. You run a veritable gauntlet of such powerful emotions and raw imagery. I really like the ‘pour snow’ line. It is also brutally honest. Enjoyed it tremendously.

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  4. Thoughtfully detailed and crafted work. I appreciate where we begin, the journey we are taken on, and where we are at the end (and not the end).

    Thank you for reading from my blog.



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