June 19, 2016



One day we take all the air inside
We feed on smiles and life
We feed on people that live around.
One day we take all the air out
We breathe in sorrows, expectations, disappointments
We walk away from people becoming prisoners of their own plays.
One day we fade, we drown, we close
We sleep on problems, worries and imaginary stories
We stir the flame of sadness to look for gone-by answers.
One day the rain clears the fence we drew in our heads
We look around, we take silence as a friend
We breathe through what we feel.
One day we find life is nothing but people
We crave for beauty in bits of authenticity
We seek for limping moments for our hearts to flourish.
One day we look for mirrors
We fight reflected truths
We project our demons and the questions we’ve rejected.
One day we let us in
We meet the human we’ve denied
We live.
One day we start by being ourselves.

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  1. Tough task 😉 Lovely and insightful poem.

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  2. The price of genius is often misunderstanding, rejection and consequently loneliness. Letting yourself in and loving your own company is to live again 🙂

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  3. 🙂 loved it!

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  4. Wow!!!! I relate completely to the authentic journey of this poem, as though it were my own. Beautifully put! ❤️ xx

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  5. There is much truth in your poem, but it is too much internal and horizontal. You neglect the vertical. Reflect on all of the same process, regress, and progress in the light of God’s watchful care and it takes on a whole new purpose.

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  6. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for creating it


  7. “We stir the flame of sadness to search for gone-by answers” I absolutely love this. This is a very consistently written piece, so insightful too

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