December 11, 2016



Buildings collapsing, rain throwing pieces of the sky, drops hiding their faces underground
Willows swinging like memories in a thick mist, eyes catching glimpses of what was never here
Time feeling like a seagull in a cage, boats never leaving a harbor where I’m the only one to stay
Embraces interrupted by a sharp blade, silence erasing any trace of red
Insignificant bodies walking just to keep their awkward, impatient souls in a frozen state
Trials aggravating all that was left unexplained, words wanting to retreat like the crabs under the sea
Days like the grains of sand, all alike but never quite the same, wrapping all the struggles along with the seashells
Storms making the waves disobey in vain, the ruins hindering their play
Sails being thorn by the wind as the anchors bent under the losses that were not released
The shore seeming to be near as an illusory dream, as the promise of a pill, as a circle revealing again the very spot we tried to part with
And then the birds never waiting for the sun to leave the dark behind for them to trust their own flight.

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  1. loved how the lines carried me and the positive twist at the end

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  2. These eloquent lines make me feel like a soft brush in a master painter’s hand at work–elegant twists and turns of colorful emotions. Very powerful. Best poetry in what I have read in weeks.

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  3. Wondrous, ethereal poem. And thank you so much – you are my first ever liker at! I am deeply inspired that that comes from someone with such a divine gift.

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