May 27, 2017


I wander on rivers like on lost dreams
In a boat full of mist, with no precise truth or goals to reach
And at times I get stuck,
I can’t cleave through ice with oars of solitude and salt

I wander on rivers like on collapsing dreams
I feel nothing but the spin, the infinite of a fall
The silence after an unsuccessful chase, the chill of a first snow, and I fidget
I can’t count the pieces of my breath when there is no place to have a home space

I wander on rivers like on forgotten dreams
Knowing there is no escape from a hearts’ insane breeze
No alternative routes as long as the sensation isn’t real, and I wait for a gleam
I can’t open doors when there is no light to release

I wander on rivers like on ethereal dreams
I drift into nights to recover the elegy of a high wind
The story that makes any rower see behind the storm or a broken compass, and I hum
I can’t find the course with an old song

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  1. Beautiful! If we dream, we have hope 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poem, and, sometimes, we just have to be patient, and wait, for whatever it is that’s coming our ways to arrive, there’s no way we can, hurry the process of life along…

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  3. I like the repetition of the first lines, with the change of the adjective, and the fourth lines. Stanzas 1, 2, and 4 work well for me. I look forward to your poems, but I’m glad you don’t post one every day…better to strive for quality than quantity, as least for posting. Keep writing!

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