September 16, 2017


It’s still dark in this place where yesterday you’ve thrown so much light
But then the mist came and covered even the last grain of dust
The wolves hidden in the forest howled as if it was our last time
And the snow became the poison I was longing for

It’s still a maddening feeling lurking around the house
An urge to shout as from a thousand miles
A hurricane to take all the half left embroideries away
And the bad habits sabotaging the stillness of the lowlands

It’s still quiet among all the secrets lost in the run
Till wild storms knock behind windows that were well closed
A sigh from the ghosts making their presence felt in the atmosphere
And the undisturbed spiders weaving their cobweb as if hope is a bottomless well

It’s still a lust for life that keeps us guessing what will come
But then the whispers of my nonbeliever side erases any curiosity
The blues, the nights, the broken rules, the ride towards a story that never seems to bloom
And the smell of death not ceasing to appear with every little try we have.

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  1. I feel as if I am literally there ❤

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  2. I love the way you write. Your descriptions are so vivid, deep, and insightful. It really finds its way to the heart.

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  3. I like this one–lots of strong lines. Among many: “bad habits sabotaging the stillness of the lowlands.” Glad to see you sharing another poem.

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