October 28, 2017

Hazy lights

Trains running through the night
Stations vanishing in hazy lights
Steps and farewells and crowds and hugs
Noises fading under the beats of the railway as if it was a parade with drums
Pages, rustles and a dripping damp
Clouds piling on the horizon spying on hidden love routines
Birds wondering how do trains ever find their way back at such a speed
Branches seeking for attention as they scratch, and mourn and then just disappear
And I sit here by a narrow window, claiming my time to gaze
I miss the highs and lows
The fights with broken jars and souls
The crusades for the lost ones
The hurts, the ecstatic laughs before I got myself a numb heart
No burns, no damages, no nights with tortured minds
I might as well just leave it on a platform with a candle and some ground
But the silenced stories will never cease to haunt me
My running will have no courage, no discoveries, no worthy spins or forbidden medals
No other tale will come my way to make the past bend in the hazy lights.

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  1. like this one

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  2. It’s really good! That picture makes it look like a movie too 😀

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