January 5, 2018

A swing

Fever in my bones crawling like despair on vulnerable souls
Wax and linen unable to break apart as illusions from a change of heart
An imminent end around the corner, spying for a moment on unguarded distortion
A script going astray as temptations lie ahead
Superficiality and a kids’ play making any violin break
Troubles coming in with every grain of pain, explosions making the waterline shake
Primary fears dressing in misleading and self-harming routines
Clandestine laughs and walks visiting the prison of some intangible thoughts
Waves taking away any company joining a voyage meant for solitude and heavy air
Grasps and locks powerlessly fighting a loss
Chances like birds fleeing with the first signs of cold
Sweat and rain mixing in a questionable pursuit of ease and naive truths
Knees being robbed of their might in payment for a dance and the pride of long term plans
And a swing unleashing ghosts that starve for misery, all with a glimpse of an uncertain belief.

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  1. this poem is quite the departure from your earlier works which I have always enjoyed ~ nicely done here and enjoyed rereading this piece. hope you will post more often.

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  2. You dig deep for emotion–bravo for that.

    Look at your lines and analyze how much of this poem contains concrete imagery or other senses. That is something to aim for. I like your work, particularly the courage that’s implicit in it, and look forward to reading more.

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