September 6, 2018


Passive way. This is how I deal with it.
After so many blows and downers thrown in the air
Getting flanked by a stonewall
Washed out by a cascade
I feel suspended in a void
Wandering in a tropical forest with monkeys holding a concert
Near a lake with flamingos in flames
In a still water like a fish a little bit too far on the shore,
I’ve lost contact with the shades of trust
Sitting near the rain but learning to see through and pretending the cold is not here
Learning how it is to not feel anymore
Barren lands have been my home
And music left as well as all the birds
I’ve reached so far beyond myself
I need a thorough map to find just bits of the rivers that had my flow
Sailing on and on just to reach a sunrise again
To see life awakening around to know how it’s done
Passive. Like a willow tree waiting for a wind to ravish all its leaves
And wondering what if the roots were wings.

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  1. Delightful renditions of the heart

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  2. It’s so beautiful and inspiring ❤

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